Mission Eco Trek

Welcome to Trekking and hiking company in Nepal

Mission Eco Trek and ExpeditionMission Eco Trek & Expedition (P.)Ltd, We are widely recognized trekking and touring company in Nepal established by a group of travel trade professionals with more than a decade’s experience. We are specialized in nature, local culture and anthropological tours, trekking, mountaineering, eco adventure holidays, Himalayan pilgrimage tours, Jungle safari and whitewater rafting that comprises the river at low land and trekking up to the towering Himalayas.

As a member of the TAAN (Trekking Agents Association of Nepal), NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association) and KEEP (Kathmandu Environmental Education Project) we are committed to trekking and traveling. In this regard the group has taken a serious concern on the denudation of greenery on the way to many trekking destinations. The activities involved in the trekking that reach any harm to the local environment are strictly checked, since we are sensitive enough for the conservation of the environment. Hence we always use kerosene instead of firewood while preparing food. As we know that the destruction of environment as well as the degradation of natural habitat of fauna is very alarming and the world we live in needs to be preserved for future generations.

Mission Eco TrekWe are also supporting the backward and uneducated people living in the remote isolated areas for the promotion of education, health and environment awareness programmed. The MET group has allocated one percent of its net profit for the welfare fund to promote the awareness among the people of poor environmental knowledge. We extend our sincere request to our respected guests to experience the areas benefited by the fund. We will be very proud of making necessary arrangements for your trip at your each due call if you are interested.

Why Travel with Us?

Well made itineraries and willingness to serve

Our prime mission will be try our best to understand your needs and requirements, help you select the right trip and try to provide exactly what you are interested in. We always make our itineraries carefully with a right balance between organized activities and leisure time and with the activities in right order. All our trips can thus be tailored to your needs.

Our knowledgeable and experienced guides and staffs will provide you warm and personalized services during your trip in Nepal. Upon request we provide guides who speak your language, both in the cities or while on the trek. We are flexible and listen to you.

Basically, it is not easy to organize a trek or tour properly in an undeveloped country like Nepal, there arise challenging situations at times but with our willingness to serve, and we have always overcome them, doing our best to make your trip a memorable and happy experience.

A Local Company

As a local company we are naturally more familiar with our region. The money you pay to a local company goes to the hand of needy local people and supports the local economy whereas most of the money you pay to the big trekking and Travel Company At Home remains with them. Also organizing your trip with a local company is cheaper than with your home company.  

Safety on the Trip

All of our treks and tours are led by qualified guides who have been trained in first aid, basic or advanced mountaineering skills, environment and various other related subject matters. We pay extra attention to all health concerns such as water and food. We are a member of the keep, Himalayan Rescue Association, NMA as well as Trekking Agents Association of Nepal.

Responsible Tourism

Mission Eco Trek strives to organize culturally rewarding and environmentally friendly trekking and tours that provide economic and social benefits to the local communities. We therefore buy most of our trekking food supplies locally, promote eating local food and stay at locally run lodges, guesthouses and campsites only. Local entrepreneurs are encourages buy us to adopt minimum-impact methods and provide eco-sensitive services. We try to minimize the use of campfires by giving proper clothing advice to our clients and by providing adequate clothing and gear to our porters and guides.

We organize trek all the traditional routes when requested but specialize in catering for the more adventurous travelers who prefer to move off the beaten path. We have already provided thousands of high quality trips to clients from all over the world. Our goal is to present you with wonderful traveling opportunities and culturally enriching adventures with very low impact on the fragile environment.