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Bhutan Travel InformationExport of antiques, plants or animal products are strictly prohibited. Cameras, video cameras, computers and personal electronic equipment must be declared on arrival and will be checked upon departure.

It is difficult to accurately generalize the climate of Bhutan because of the variations in elevations and seasons. Southern Bhutan has a tropical climate with hot humid monsoons. Spring in the higher valleys (mid-March to May) has warm days (20 °C) and cool nights. June marks the beginning of summer when day temperatures warm up to 27 - 29 °C. By July, the rainy season starts and continue till mid-September. The autumn months of September to November are ideal for trekking with clear skies and mild weather. In December temperatures fall, but the days are warm and the clear, azure winter skies serve a striking background to the snow-capped peaks. On a sunny day, temperatures reach about 16-18 ° C. The nights, however, are cold with temperatures falling below freezing.

Cottons and light wollens in summer (June-Sep). Heavy wollens and jackets the rest of the year. Rain gear for the monsoons and comfortable shoes.

230 - 240 volts, 50 cycles A.C. The current is variable.

VISA credit cards are accepted in a few shops. Traveler’s cheques are also accepted.

Bhutan standard time is 6 hours ahead of GMT.

Comfortable hotels and lodges built in traditional architectural style are available in the major towns.

Tourist hotels have a choice of Bhutanese, Indian, Chinese, Nepali and Continental food.

Reliable telephone fax & Internet services are available in all towns in Bhutan. International connections are excellent.

Carry plenty of films and batteries. Photo shops in Bhutan do not sell equipment or accessories.

Dzongkha, the language of the western region, is the national language. English is the medium of instruction and is spoken by all government officials and businessmen. Nepali is prevalent in the south while Bumthangkha, Khyengkha and Sharchopkha are common dialects.

To protect against unforeseen accidents and mishaps, we advise you to have Travel insurance policy from your country. It should adequately cover helicopter evacuation and medical assistance. We regret the unavailability of such policies in Bhutan.

The crime rate in Bhutan is very low.

Traditional handicrafts, textiles, jewellery, baskets, and masks. Paintings and woodcarving make good buys.

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