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Traveling to Manila and Cebu is one of the most popular travel routes in the Philippines. The capital Manila and the oldest Cebu city offer great things to do. You will trace back the history of the Philippines from its first capital Cebu to the present capital Manila, enjoy the modern skylines together with the stunning beach and islands, and experience the colorful culture and authentic foods in the best cities in the Philippines.

As a local travel agency with years of travel arrangements experience, we hand-picked the most recommended tour packages in Manila and Cebu, showing you the best of the destinations at the best local price. If it is your first time visiting the Philippines, here are the best choices for you. Also, you can contact us to customize a private Manila and Cebu tour based on your interests and requirements.

Most Recommended Manila and Cebu Tours

Here are the most popular Manila and Cebu tour packages covering all the essence of the two capitals (the present one and the first one) of the Philippines. All can be customized to your interests and budget.
7 Days Philippines Leisure Tour
Manila - Cebu
This tour is all you need to see the colorful city of Manila and the city of Cebu, and also let you know about the Philippines' interesting Spanish colonial period, as well as its modern-day culture.
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9 Days Philippines Island Hopping Tour for Family Getaway
Manila - Bohol - Cebu
Following the convenient and classic route from Mania to Cebu, this 9-day tour is a mix of exciting island hopping experiences and pleasant city sightseeing, suitable for tourists of all ages.
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9 Days Best of Philippines Tour
Manila - Boracay - Cebu
Spend 9 days exploring the best of the Philippines that you'll never forget!
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9 Days Lifetime Philippines Tour with Whale Shark Encounter
Manila - Boracay - Cebu
If you are looking for an unforgettable tour with your beloved, this is the deal for you!
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5 Days Classic Cebu Tour
Cebu - Oslob - Kawasan Falls - Mactan Island - Cebu
This 5-day Philippines tour will bring you an ultimate Cebu journey to discover both historical and natural attractions of this charming island.
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5 Days Manila and Island Hopping Tour
Manila - Subic - Manila - Puerto Galera - Manila
This sightseeing tour will take you to explore the essentials in the Philippine capital and its surrounding islands in a short five days.
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Tailor Make Your Philippines Tour

From the old town of Intramuros in Manila to the Magellan’s Cross in Cebu, from the metropolis to the white sand can have a panoramic view of the best of the Philippines by traveling to Manila and Cebu.
You can enjoy modern life in Manila and relax on the island of Cebu. The rich culture and history heritages, the white sand beaches, and the crystal waters are what make the REAL Philippines.
Both Manila and Cebu have international airports so it is easy for you to get in and out of the Philippines.
Now, it’s time to start your Manila and Cebu tour!

Manila and Cebu Travel FAQs

1. When is the best time to visit Manila and Cebu?

The best time to travel to Manila and Cebu is in the dry season from December to February. During this time of year, there is less rainfall and the average temperature is 25°C to 30°C, which is comfortable for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

When the rainy season (May to December) comes, the climate can become hot and humid. In addition, the typhoon season (July to October) is not suitable for playing on the beaches and islands of Cebu.

2. How to get to Cebu from Manila?

Taking a flight is the most convenient way to travel from Manila to Cebu. Daily flights are flying between Manila and Cebu. The direct Manila-Cebu flight takes about one and a half hours.

Though there are ferries between Manila and Cebu, it is not a good choice for travelers. The direct ferry from Manila to Cebu departs three times a week. It takes 23 hours and 30 minutes to get to Cebu from Manila by boat.

3. What are the top things to do in Manila and Cebu?

As the first city in the Philippines, Cebu has many remnants of earlier Spanish colonists, as well as the famous Magellan’s Cross. The Old Town of Intramuros in Manila is also worth traveling to experience the old colonial culture.

And of course, you can't miss the beaches when visiting Cebu. Cebu has some of the best beaches in the Philippines and is perfect for honeymoon trips. Also, for the adventurous ones, you can go swimming with whale sharks. If you can’t swim, you can also take a boat ride on the surface to see a whale shark, a huge and gentle sea creature, up close.

Activities such as scuba diving and island hopping are also not to be missed. As a local travel agency, we can arrange activities to your interests and budget Just contact us and one of our local guides will contact you to help you arrange the perfect Manila Cebu tour.

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